This blog is meant to be a forum where we can dialog about how God is working in our lives. After leaving the road with Legacy Five after five great years, I’m embarking on an adventure to go wherever God leads next. It’s exciting to see the adventure unfold and I’ll do my best to keep you updated. I look forward to reading your comments throughout the journey…



  1. Frank,

    I am new to this type of communication so maybe I am missing recent updates. What has been happening with you and your family? I believe I heard you were going to be moving. Is that true? How is Frank Jr. doing? Do you have any plans for singing or dates scheduled?

    Please keep us updated. It will soon be a year since you left L-5. Time goes by very quickly — but we still miss you and that big smile!

    Blessing to all!

    C arolyn

  2. We sure missed seeing you at NQC this year. You have always been so out going and friendly to your fans. We are so happy to hear the awesome news about Frank Jr’s health. God is so good.

    May God contuine to bless you and your family.
    Jim and Jeanette

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